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Sport DV

    Low distortion super wide angle efl3.0mm sensor type 1/2.3" sports DV safety&security low illumination apeture 2.0 M12 mount all glass lens

    • EFL:3mm
    • Aperture:2.0
    • Distortion:<16%
    • 接口:M12*P0.5
    • Product description: super wide angle and Diagonal field of view is over 150 degree with low distortion. Center resolution 250lp/mm,φ6处200lp/mm,φ7.5处80lp/mm. Big apeture 2.0mm ushering in good image quality even in low il


    • Focal Length: 3.0mm 
    • Distortion: less than 16%
    • FOV154°*133°*73°

    • Aperture: 2.0mm
    • Native Camera Sensor Support: 1/2.3"
    • Construction8G+IRall glass


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