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What is One-Shot VR?

The ordinary 360VR is shot using many cameras. However, the bigger the number of cameras, the more demanding will it be to stitch the pictures together.

In situations like shooting VR from a moving vehicle where it’s not necessary to get full 360°, you can lower the production costs and make VR more efficiently by using only one camera for making VR footage.

You can make One-Shot VR using a fish eye lens with an angle of view of 180° as well but there’s a problem of the field of view getting narrow. If you use Entaniya Fisheye 250 MFT for shooting, there’s a field of view of 250° which is wide enough. 250° is approximately the same field of view a normal person can see when looking left and right without moving one’s shoulders.

One-Shot VR is extremely suitable in situations like concerts or sports where the main subject is always in front of the photographer or in situations where the photographer is shooting from a moving vehicle.

The objects behind the photographer will be black with no footage but this space can used effectively by inserting captions, patches or advertisements.


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