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NASA, Radiant Images Live Stream Cassini’s Final Mission

LOS ANGELES—The Cassini mission will end its 20 year mission on Friday, Sept. 15, and NASA is teaming with Radiant Images to bring a live 360-degree stream of the event from within the JPL command center.

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Cassini, a joint effort between 27 countries, was launched on Oct. 15, 1997 with the goal of reaching Saturn’s outer rings. It arrive on July 1, 2004. Since then, Cassini has contributed to the discovery of eight atmospheric rings and 62 moons around Saturn. It’s final mission will be to intentionally plunge into Saturn’s atmosphere.

To capture the live stream, Radiant has partnered with Z Cam, IndieCam and Voysys. The Z Cam S1/S1 Pro and IndieCam Naked Eye with Entaniya 250-degree lens will capture the event, while Voysys will use its picture-in-picture technology to incorporate live social media feeds from Twitter and Facebook, as well as real-time facts and figures from Cassini.

The live stream will take place from 4 a.m. to 5:30 a.m. PST through NASA JPL’s Facebook and YouTube pages.


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