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iZugar releases first 220° fisheye lens for Micro Four Thirds

Something fishy is in the air for Micro Four Thirds shooters and it's a brand-new circular Fisheye Lens from iZugar. The 3.25mm f/2.5 fixed aperture lens is a 10mm full circular format Fisheye Lens and has a 0.6-meter close focus distance.

The lens has 11 lens elements across 10 groups and weighs 160 grams. As you can tell, it's a compact and lightweight lens. The lens can be ordered now directly from iZugar for just under $500. More technical information is available here. 

You can view a sample video captured using the new iZugar Fisheye Lens on a Panasonic GH5 below. The video was originally captured in 4K using the camera's 5-axis image stabilization. 


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