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Experience the Future of Mobility

The 5G Automotive Association is a strong advocate of Cellular-V2X (C-V2X). The global cellular standard is now LTE-4G, an essential foundation to powering C-V2X. In order to reach full speed, 5GAA is accelerating its evolution to 5G.

The global mobility industry increasingly needs better security, flexibility and efficiency and C-V2X will be essential to achieving this.

Making vehicles smarter

Communication and connectivity are key to the development of autonomous vehicles. Cellular based technologies will be essential to transforming the entire mobility ecosystem thanks to V2X: vehicle-to-everything communication. This new protocol allows vehicles to communicate with other vehicles (V2V), pedestrians (V2P), networks (V2N), and the surrounding infrastructure (V2I).

With a strong evolutionary path to 5G, C-V2X technology will offer superior performance to support connected vehicles communicate with transport infrastructure, leading to less congestion, reduced emissions, and a smoother driving experience.

Making vehicles safer

C-V2X will improve safety on roads by tremendously facilitating the flow of information between vehicles, pedestrians and road infrastructure. This will enable connected vehicles to anticipate and avoid dangerous situations, reducing collisions and potentially saving lives.

Improving driving experience

C-V2X will enlighten any journey by powering real-time traffic information to optimise your trip, finding the closest free parking space or enabling predictive maintenance to save drivers both time and money. And it’s not just drivers who will benefit from it, passengers will too with the next-generation of infotainment services. Whether you want to watch a movie during the ride or participate in an important conference call, all of this and more is possible.


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