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Xiaomi is a company that has released some of the best budget action cameras for a while now, First Xiaomi Yi, then Yi 4K, now the Yi 4K+. With the 4K 60fps and 120Mbps bitrate,the Yi 4K+ is  a first action camera ever to have these technical specs.

For the design, both of the action cameras look the same. The dimension is 65*42*30mm/2.5*1.6*1.2”, the weight is the same. The only difference is a slight change to the exterior plastic. The Xiaomi Yi 4K+ has got a textured front. It also only comes in a black color.Everything else is exactly the same.

The real improvement/upgrade is inside the camera. That also includes the ports. The new generation action camera has now got a USB-C port instead of the older versions MicroUSB. The USB-C can charge your camera much faster and it’s overall a better standard. Plus you can still use the USB-C to attach an external microphone. Both still have a MicroSD card slot as well for up to 128GB Class 10 cards.

The upgraded hardware has allowed Xiaomi Yi 4K+ to record 4K resolution videos at 60fps. That’s more frames than any other action camera has been able to so far. The original Yi 4K can do 4K at 30fps for example. Also there is a massive difference in bitrates. The Yi 4K supports up to 60Mbps while the Plus version does 120Mbps, that’s double the amount. Also the 4K+ has a new digital image stabilization system that also works when recording in 4K. So you can always expect to have smooth videos.

As surprising as it is, the Yi 4K+ and 4K are actually pretty even in terms of video quality. The colors are the real noticeable difference. I really like the colors on the Yi 4K+, they look more natural to me. I also compared it to the GoPro Hero5 Black and I preferred the 4K+ colors there as well. But that’s also my personal preference. I just feel like the Yi 4K colors have been over-optimized so the yellow is far too vibrant.

There is no doubt that the Xiaomi Yi 4K+ is a better action camera. I’d even say that it is currently the best action camera available. But the difference isn’t also that massive. During daytime, the video quality basically the same, the only difference being the colors and the stabilization system. So would I go buy the Yi 4K+ if I already have the Yi 4K? Well that depends on what settings you use it with. If you only record 4K videos then yes, it is definitely worth the upgrade. But if you mostly record in 1080p then no, it’s not worth to upgrade in my opinion.

If you are looking for a brand new action camera though, then go with the Xiaomi Yi 4K+. It still has newer hardware so it will last you longer than the original version. Plus as technology advances, more people are going to record in 4K resolution. So this way you won’t fall behind when other companies start releasing new cameras.


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