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How to choose a FPV camera lens for Quadcopters and Racing Drones

One of the most important parts in an FPV build is the FPV camera you choose to fly. It’s the one connection you have to your craft, and the quality of the camera will directly determine how well you can fly.

There are some things to consider when choosing a camera:

Latency: The lower the latency, the less lag there is between the feed and real-time. Ideally, you want the lowest possible latency for the best control.

Lens size: A lower number lens size means a wider field of view. The more you can see, the better you can line up your approaches.

WDR: Wide Dynamic Range is a technology that improves the light handling of cameras. Most good FPV cameras have some degree of WDR.

Size: There are standard 27x27mm footprints, as well as micro cameras that fit in tighter, smaller racing builds.

Things to consider

Lens size and field of view

When you are buying an FPV camera, you’ll have to choose the size of lens , such as 2.9, 2.5, and 2.1. A 2.9 mm lens has a field of view of about 127 degrees, which is same as a natural human eye. For fast FPV flying, though, 2.9mm may be a little small of an FOV, so consider getting a 2.5mm lens(147 degrees) or 2.1mm(158 degrees).

Personally, I prefer a larger FOV(2.5 or 2.1) because you can see a lot more and that makes it easier to center an airgate or gap in the middle of your view to fly straight through it. You can also tilt your quad further(go faster) and still see a lot more without having to physically tilt the camera as much.

IR Block vs IR Sensitive

If you are going to mainly fly during the day, stick to IR Block, which gives a vivid and bright picture in the daytime, but the image quality at night will be severely compromised.

IR Sensitive lenses will not have as vivid a picture in the daytime(you may not even notice), but it fares better in low light situations.


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