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About us

LYX Electronics keep providing innovative optical solutions and products to the market. With strong R&D ability, advanced production equipment and strict QC system, we extend LYX lens family into a wide range of industrial level products, covering image formats from 1/9″, 1/4″, 1/3″, 1/2.8″, 1/2.3″, 1/1.8″, 2/3″, 1″ up to film size. Our products include Fisheye Lens, low distortion lens, DV lens, UAV camera lens, scanner lens, vehicle-mounted wide-angle lens, security and surveillance lens, which could meet a variety of needs of customers for high-definition cameras in various applications, including Day & Night security, IP surveillance, Panoramic security, Video conferencing, Motion capture, Recognition, Sports, Machine vision / FA, Automotive, Medical, etc.

Besides, LYX is also the agent of Entaniya in China.

We aim at pursuing high quality standards, offering our clients with high cost performance lenses and timely services, and keep dedicating to provide solutions for custom lenses inquiries in cost-effective and time-effective ways. OEM & ODM business are warmly welcomed.


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